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Onboarding & FAQs

Our short video series walks you through everything you need to know about Ori. All it takes is 15 minutes. Sit back, and enjoy.

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To-Do Timeline

After watching our video series, you're ready for action. Follow Ori's step-by-step implementation guide below — it tells you exactly what to do when, with helpful downloads at every stage.

Timeline and Downloads

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Important best practices

Tour is too late

By the time prospects show up at your building, they've already made firm decisions on typology and budget. Up- or down-selling is too difficult, so it's critical to generate awareness through marketing.

Ori is not furniture

Talking about Ori as just furniture (instead of as space or real estate) anchors prospects to perceive Ori as less valuable, and reduces their willingness to pay.

Call out Ori on your site

To command a premium, Ori needs to be highlighted as premium. To do so, ensure you create an Ori-specific landing page (an outline for which is above) that's highlighted on the homepage, and create Ori-specific filters anywhere floorpans are highlighted.

Visuals move by default

The value and magic of Ori can only be understood through movement. Any visual presence should start with visuals that move by default, meaning prospects don't have to press play. Embed GIFs or videos that loop, and use photos only to complement video media.

Additional Documentation

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